Dental Insurance


Understanding Your Dental Insurance

Dentistry For You accepts all Dental PPO Insurance Plans. When coming to our office we take the following steps in advance of your appointment. We get the insurance information from you so that we can check benefits, verify eligibility, and be able to know what the general parameters are for your dental insurance.

Common things that we check are:

  1. What are the effective dates of eligibility
  2. How much coverage do you have per year, what is remaining, and what procedures do you have history of through that insurance
  3. What is the annual deductible and has it been used
  4. What percentage is covered for certain procedures
  5. Are there other clauses that we should be aware of

Dental Insurance Plan Coverage

Unfortunately, each insurance varies depending upon specific parameters set by the insurance plan, your history, and also the parameters set by your employer.  It is important that you as the patient, know your insurance also. 

If you have questions, ask our office. Our goal is to get your insurance company to pay for the procedures that they have contractually agreed to do so between you and them.

If the Claim is Denied

If insurance does deny a service, we may ask for your help is also appealing to them. Remember, the insurance is your insurance. You are the insurance company’s customer as well. If we ask for your help, it is because we want the claim to be paid so that you are deemed responsible for it.

More Questions? Contact us!

If you have any questions contact our office. We would be glad to help. Always remember, you pay for dental insurance. Use it and don’t put it to waste.  Use it to keep your mouth healthy. You’d be surprised how much we can utilize your insurance to your benefit.

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