Why A Hygienist Should Always Clean Your Teeth Not The Dentist


Why Hygienists Should Clean Your Teeth, Not Your Dentist                         

At Dentistry For You we have a philosophy of providing quality dental care that you can trust.  One of the most important things for you as a patient is to get a quality cleaning.  Our hygienists are trained through a rigorous program that provides years of licensed professional training to clean your teeth.

We’ve had patients ask us why the dentist doesn’t do the cleaning.  Let’s take a look at that question.  1) Dentists do not go to school to clean teeth.  Hygienists do.  Hygienists are simply much better at cleaning teeth.  2) Economically it’s bad.  If your dentist is cleaning your teeth they are running bad business.  The simple theory of competitive advantage explains this.  If you dentist is cleaning your teeth, maybe he or she isn’t as intelligent as you think after all. 3) Hygienists are much more focused on your gums.  That’s what they do for a living and that is what they enjoy to do.  You will have much healthier teeth and gums and your overall oral health and complete health will improve if your teeth are cleaned by a hygienist.

You as the patient deserve the best level of dental care.  At Dentistry For You we aim to provide that to you on every visit.

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