No Dental Insurance-No Problem


No Insurance, No Problem

Believe it or not, over half of Americans do not have dental insurance.  Because of this, many do not get the needed dental care.  Often, this results in toothaches, pain, and emergencies.  Usually, this ends up with patients getting extractions as this is the only option left.

At Dentistry For You, we value your overall oral health.  It is important to go to the dentist on a regular basis.  

So….No Dental Insurance….No Problem

We offer a new New Patient Special.  For only $39 you receive a full mouth set of x-rays and a complete dental exam.  

Then, if you need dental work, we offer the Dentistry For You Plan.  It is a great deal.  For $39 per year (waived the first year with our new patient special) you get reduced costs with the same great service.  For example, a filling that costs over $300 is now only $100.  A cleaning that would have been $100 is now only $70 and a crown that would have cost you $1300 is now only $675.

We want you to take care of your teeth.  We are making dentistry affordable for you.  So contact our office today and schedule an appointment.

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