Year End Dental Insurance Planning


Double Up on Your Dental Insurance in December

Most dental insurances have calendar year plans.  That means that your annual limit of $1,500-$2,500 goes from January 1-December 31.  This calendar limit is restrictive at times, especially because almost all dental insurances do not carry over unused funds; hence the phrase use it or lose it.

So what can you do if you need more work than your annual limit and how can you take advantage of the calendar plans?  It is pretty simple.  We can help you and we can put together a plan.  Take the patient that needs $4,500 worth of work and $3,000 is covered by their dental insurance.  Normally, the insurance would only pay $1,500 per year.  However if we do half of the work in December of 2018 and the other half of the work in January of 2019, we get the insurance to pay $3,000 and we save the patient $1,500.


Calendar Year:

Treatment Needed:  $4,500

Annual Insurance Coverage: $1,500

Patient Portion: $3,000


Split between December 2018 & January 2019:

Treatment Needed:  $4,500

December 2018 Insurance:  $1,500

201 Payment: $750

January 2019 Insurance: $1,500

2019 Payment:  $750

Patient Savings: $1,500


Contact us to start your treatment in 2016 so you can save money and full utilize your dental insurance benefits.

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