The Importance of Regular Dental Visits


If you are normal, going to the dentist is not on the top of your list when you wake up in the morning.  However, if you want good overall health and a healthy smile you have to go.  So what if its been ahwile.  Here are some tips to make your visit less painful .

1) Do You have dental insurance or can you get dental insurance?  If you already have dental insurance, perfect!  Call our office and see if we take your insurance.  We probably do.  If you do not, try and get some.  Possibly yoru employer offers it.  If not, many dental insurances provide coverage for individuals at a reasonable monthly price.

2) Call us and schedule an appointment for a complete exam and x-rays.  Expect to be at the office for an hour and plan ahead.  Know what you can afford monthly for dental work or up front.  Unfortunately, dental work does cost money and if its been awhile you may need to pay a little bit.

3) You dont need to do everything right away.  Make a plan with the doctor and the office manager as to how we will fix your smile and make it affordable for you.We have options, we can make it work for you, we just need you to communicate with us all of your concerns.

4) Come to your appointments.  Come on time and don't cancel.  We need to see you and we need to follow the plan.  Make your health and your dental health a priority.  You need your teeth not only for your smile, but to eat.  There are so many studies that link oral health to your overall health.  If you think about it, all of it makes sense.

So if its been awhile, contact our office and schedule an appointment.  We want to see you and you need to visit the dentist.  Save your teeth and smile at Dentistry For You.

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