Looking For A New Dentist?


Are you like the normal person that does not have a regular dentist?  Maybe you've seen a dentist a time or two over the last few years but nothing consistent.  So what should you do?  First things first, find a dentist. You need to have good oral health.  


  1. Does the team seem to be enjoying work and does the doctor listen to you?
  2. Does the office take my insurance?  Check your insurance company's website or call the office.
  3. Is the office bi-lingual?  Hablamos espanol.  But not all dental offices provide that service.
  4. Google Reviews:  Not a bad place to start.  This will tell you if their patients actually like them.  
  5. Ask if the doctor is a good doctor.  Everywhere will say yes, but see how much you believe the person on the phone.
  6. Go into the office for an exam and x-rays.  If you like the doctor, staff, and entire team then go with it.

At Dentistry For You, hygienists do all of the cleanings.  We believe in the highest quality of dental care. That includes a hygienist doing the cleanings.  We accept all of the PPO dental plans and also EDS.  Take a look at the insurances that we accept. 

At Dentistry For You we have staff in all of our offices that speak Spanish.  Most importantly, we have excellent doctors and staff.  Come down and meet everyone and see us in action.  We feel that you will want our dental office to be your dental office.  Call us to find out more. 

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