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What are you looking for in your dentist?  What are you looking for in your dental office?  These are the things to ask?

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Until you find the right dentist and right dental team, it seems like it’s hard to trust the people and the dentist when you come into the office.  So what is trust in a dental office?  This is what Dentistry For You has to offer and what you should expect;

Be on Time and So Will We:

We want you to show up to your appointment and be on time.  You should expect the same of us.  If you scheduled for something, as long as it is safe to do, then it should get done.  We should be able to see you on time and get you finished with our office in a timely manner.

A Fair Price:

We take your insurance.  You should be able to get In Network prices.  The cost should be fair and we should educate you on your insurance to reduce yoru costs and maximize how to get the most money out of your insurance.  If you do not have insurance the prices should be fair.  Meaning, you should not pay more than what we get from people with insurance including what their insurance pays.  You should leave saying that was a fair price.  We both benefit from our relationship, both the dental office and you as the patient.

Your teeth should Become Healthy:

Our dental work better be good.  The dentist better be good and so should the hygienist.  You should leave having a healthy mouth plain and simple.  If your teeth get worked on, they should feel like healthy teeth.  If your gums get worked on and teeth cleaning, they should feel amazing.

You Should Know Us and We Should Know You:

You should have a relationship with the dentist, the hygienist, the assistants, the front office, and everyone else.  We are part of your health and we want the best for you.


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