Do You Have Dental Insurance-Then You Typically Get a Free Exam & X-Rays


Do You Have Dental Insurance-Then You Typically Get a Free Exam & X-Rays

Has it been awhile since you’ve been to the dental office?  Your teeth are bothering you or maybe your gums bleed?  Believe it or not, we at the dental office, see this all the time.  You do not need to be embarrassed.  Our dentist and our entire team enjoy making your teeth and gums healthy.  We fix teeth, we clean teeth, and we replace missing teeth.  We do it every day and we want to help you. 

So if you say yes to the above and you have dental insurance, your insurance typically covers 100% of the cost of your exam and x-rays.  Let our dental team fix your smile and make you healthy again.  We take almost all of the dental insurances.

And what if you do not have dental insurance.  That’s ok, we have an amazing new patient special of only $39.  Call our office today to schedule an appointment. 

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