Get Your Teeth Cleaned


Get Your Teeth Cleaned!


Most Americans brush their teeth 2 times per day.  Most Americans almost never floss.  Only half of Americans get regular teeth cleanings.  So where do you sit in this?

At Dentistry For You we believe in you have regular quality cleanings with our hygienist.  You need it for your overall health and you need it for your oral health.  So what else does the hygienist do to help you keep your teeth clean besides the cleaning itself.

  1. At Your first visit the hygienist will check the health of your gums to determine if they are infected. If they are you may require a deep cleaning.
  2. The hygienist may provide fluoride treatment, prescription based mouthwash, and other treatment to help your teeth and gums get healthier.
  3. The hygienist will coach you on the type of toothbrush that you need, whether you can benefit from a waterpik, and how to properly brush and floss.

Most importantly, at Dentistry For You we will get you on a regular cleaning schedule and keep you healthy.  Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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