Learn About Dual Dental Insurance.


Do you have dental insurance?  First of all, if the answer is yes, that will really help in paying for your dental care.  But is there a way to get even more dental insurance?  Of course there is, it is called dual insurance.

So how does it all work?  First of all, to get dual insurance you need to have 2 plans.  So I would suggest options are;

  1. Get on your spouse or significant others’ plan
  2. Get on both parents plans
  3. Are you on your spouse or significant others plan? Get on your work plan.

Why you want dual insurance is that you can go from having $1500 on annual coverage (that’s the normal amount) up to $3000 and that $3000 is usually covered very close to or at 100%.  You get $3000 of dental work per year covered for free.

If you ever have any questions about dental insurance feel free to contact our office and ask away.  To use your dental insurance, contact our office to make an appointment today.

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