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Below is a Q & A Session on dentures with dentist.  Contact our dental office for a consultation with our dentist on dentures for you today

Question: What is the life expectancy of Dentures?

Answer:  The life expectancy of dentures is different for everyone. Dentures change over time in the way they fit   your gums and in the wearing of the denture teeth.  The rate at which your   gums shrink over time is different for everyone.  Depending on the   patient, dentures need to be replaced in as little as 5 years. While for others, it may take ten to twelve years before replacement is recommended.  By visiting your dentist once a year, early signs of quick shrinking can be found and steps can be taken to fix the loosening of your dentures due to shrinking gums.

Question: Will I need to go to the dentist anymore if I get dentures?

Answer: You will want to continue to see your dentist once a year to make adjustments for your dentures. Additionally, during this visit we will want to check your gums to ensure that they are healthy and that there is no irritation.

Question: What is the usual adjustment period for new dentures?

Answer: If this is your first denture, it could take as little as a few days or as long as a month.  After your dentures are delivered, you will be given a follow-up appointment to take care of any needed adjustments that may arise.  This will help you to adjust to your new dentures. Follow-up appointments after denture delivery will make the new dentures comfortable more quickly. It is our responsibility to work with you to get you comfortable as soon as possible.

Question: What other options exist besides dentures?

Answer: We have found that many of our patients have decided to have dental implants instead of dentures after considering both options. Dental Implants offer solutions that are preferred over dentures. We have found great success in both dental implants and dentures with our patients.


Question: How are dentures properly taken care of?


Answer: Dentures should not be worn when you sleep.  They should be taken out at night, cleaned with a denture brush and denture paste, and placed in a container of water for the night.  This allows your gums to rest and also slows the shrinking of the gums.  Once a week, cleaning tablets can be added to the water at night to get ride of any stains.

Question: When should a patient consider replacing their dentures?

Answer: There are many reasons why you should consider replacing your dentures.  Those reasons are; 1) They have a poor fit to your mouth, 2) They do not stay in place while you are eating or speaking, 3) They no longer support your face or they no longer enhance your smile, and 4) Your current dentures are creating chronic sore spots or irritated gums.

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