Learn How to Use Your Dental Insurance Properly


Dental Insurance is something that most employers offer to their employees.  As part of your benefits package it is important to really understand what your benefits cover to help you have awesome oral health.  Here are some steps

Step 1:  Find Your Dental Insurance Card or Log Onto Your Benefits Online and Download Your Dental Card

Step  2:  Call Our Dental Office to see if we accept your dental insurance.  Here is a list of plans that we accept.

Step 3:  Come in For A Complete Exam and X-Rays (Dental Check-up)

Step 4:  After the dentist completes her thorough exam, our office will review what your benefits cover and how much your co-pay will be

Step 5:  Complete the Needed dental Treatment, Get a Cleaning, and Be On Your Way to a Healthy and Happy Smile

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