Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before They Expire

Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before They Expire

Well it’s mid October and Fall has been on us for almost a month.  In Arizona that means that we are just…

What Can You Do If You Have A ToothAche

So You Have a Toothache....well the first thing that you should do is to call Dentistry For You to Schedule an appointment.  Contact Our Office Today. 

Use Your Dental Insurance

Do you know how dental insurance works?  Its ok if the answer is no, most of our patients don’t.  What is most important to know about dental insurance is that the longer you wait to use it….the…

Does Your Tooth Feel Tender?

Does Your Tooth Feel Tender?

So you bit down and your tooth feels tender.  It doesn’t necessarily hurt, but you feel it when you bite.  Sometimes it wakes you up in your sleep, sometimes…

What to Expect on Your First Visit With Our Office

Your first visit with Dentistry For You

Toothache-We Can Fix It!

Toothache-Dental Emergencies:

We’ve all been there before.  Every now and then your tooth bothers you for a little bit, slowly it gets really…

Did you crack or chip your tooth?

Did you chip or crack your tooth?

So you chipped or cracked your tooth?  The first question is should you be concerned?  The first answer is yes and the second answer is that there is a solution.


Do You Have A Toothache?

At Dentistry For You we receive calls all the time from people with cracked teeth, tender teeth, loose teeth, and toothaches.  First and foremost, these…

Use Your 2019 Dental Benefits Today

Mothers Day is Today so Happy Motthers Day to all of the Mothers in Our World..... and that means that we are well into 2019.  Lets not wait until the last minute and waste your dental benefits. …

Dentistry For You-Your Home For All of Your Dental Needs

Dentistry For You is your one stop home for your dental care needs.  At our office we accept all Dental PPO Plans and Delta Dental.  We offer all the…

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