Do Your Gums Bleed When Your Brush or Floss

So you gums bleed when you brush or floss, what does that mean?  First of all, it means its been too long since we have seen you at the dentist.  Call our…

Your dental symptoms should not be ignored

Your dental symptoms should not be ignored:

This article may seem direct and to the point, but it is intended to be that way.  At Dentistry For You,…

The Reasons Why NOT to Ignore a Toothache

Tooth pain. It’s bad, right? Some women have even said that a severe toothache is worse than childbirth. But you know those times when your tooth hurts for several hours, or even a day or so, and…

Tooth Symptoms that Mean You Need to See the Dentist

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?  They all need to be taken seriously, and start by calling our office today for an appointment. 

  • Toothache
  • Tender…

Do Your Teeth Bother You?

How do your teeth feel today? Are you experiencing any issues with your teeth? Some things that you may want to be aware of?

  1. Tender…

Make A Resolution to Take Care of Your Teeth in 2019

So its 2019 and we are sure you have set a lot of goals for yourself.  Well we have a pretty easy one for you.  Let’s make 2019 the Year of Taking Care of your teeth.  It’s not that hard to do…

Do You Have a Toothache?

The steps you should take to get out of pain and resolve your toothache today

What Dental Insurances Do We Accept

Do you take my dental insurance?

At Dentistry For You we accept almost all PPO plans and one HMO Plan (EDS). Also if you do not have dental insurance, no problem....we have…

Visit the Dentist Today

Its year end and we all want to go into the New Year with a healthy slate.  Your oral health and visiting the dentist is part of that.  Whether it’s a dental…

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