Amazing New Dental Plan at Dentistry For You

At Dentistry For You we want everyone to have amazing oral health, whether you do or do not have dental insurance. We find that people without dental…

Toothache? Call Us Today

At Dentistry For You we value your health and your comfort.  We receive calls all of the time with people that have toothaches.  So what are the solutions for a toothache. 

  • Call our…

Learn About Dual Dental Insurance.

Do you have dental insurance?  First of all, if the answer is yes, that will really help in paying for your dental care.  But is there a way to get even more dental insurance?  Of course there is,…

How Often Should You Go To The Dental Office?

At Dentistry For You we want you to have a healthy smile, not just in its look but overall healthy.  We want to make sure that you do not have gum…

Do You Grind Your Teeth At Night?

Like many Americans you often find yourself grinding your teeth at night, either from how your teeth feel during the night or from your bed partner.  It can make odd noises and sound painful, but even…

Use Your Dental Insurance Today

Do you have dental insurance?  That’s great, it may pay for all or most of your needed dental work.  And we most likely take your dental insurance. …

Schedule Your Dental Exam Today

Dental Exam & X-Rays-Schedule Your Appointment Today

When was your last dental exam and x-rays?  When was…

You Found A Hole In Your Tooth

What is the solution to fixing a hole in your tooth that you found?

August Dental Special

Take advantage of our Monsoon Toothache Special

  • $39 New Patient Special
  • $70 Teeth Cleaning Special (Must have a Complete Exam & X-Rays)
  • $75 Teeth Whitening Special
  • $125…

2018 Dental Insurance Benefits

Have you used your 2018 dental benefits yet?

We are growing all the time and may have a NEW LOCATION near you!


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